Jewelry is the most valuable and attractive for women. Headpieces are actually a type of jewelry in which you can find specific products for your head like Matha Patti, Tekka, Bridal Matha Patti, Head Bands, and much more. 

  • Matha Patti
When it comes to weddings jewelry how can women miss a Matha Patti or headband in her collection? Zee Collection now this very well that's why we add these important items to our HeadPiece Collection. We have many of Matha Patti's on our website and other online stores all you have to do is explore! we have a wide range in Matha Patti like Bridal Matha Patti , Wedding Matha Patti, Afghani Matha Patti, Rajistani Matha Patti, Kashmiri Matha Patti, Blochi Matha Patti, Mang Patti, and Matha Patti with hijab.
  • Tikka

In Jewelry fashion accessories tikka has the main role. Tikka Jewellery is basically weddings jewelry there is a large number of varieties and it's more belongs to Punjabi traditional jewelry. Where you see Kundan Tikka, Bridal tekka, Thapah Kundan tikka, etc.

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